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Max's View on smuggling MicroChips

Max's View on smuggling MicroChips


Max takes us on a journey to set up a tarantula enclosure with a unique Buddhist monk theme. Using a Texas tan tarantula named Yamashina, Max crafts an enclosure that's not only functional but also aesthetically pleasing. Among the various products used, ReptiChip's new product, Microchip, plays a vital role in this tranquil setup.

About the Video

Max guides viewers through the process of creating a tarantula enclosure that resembles a peaceful monastery. From the selection of the tarantula to the choice of decorations, every detail is thoughtfully considered. Max uses various elements like bonsai trees, little Buddhas, and garnish plants to create a serene environment.

ReptiChip's Role in the Enclosure

One of the key components in this enclosure setup is ReptiChip's new product, Microchip. Max explains how Microchip is great for arachnid needs and different insects. He emphasizes its small size and how it helps keep the dust down, preventing it from sticking to the sides when the tarantula digs.

Max mixes Microchip with FaunaCraft, placing it on the bottom to create a nice, tall layer. This combination allows the tarantula to dig naturally, enhancing the enclosure's aesthetic and functionality.

Here's what Max had to say about Microchip:

"I'm gonna use some ReptiChip's new product, Microchip, which is great for arachnid needs, different insects, different things like that. It's real small, just real nice to use for different things like this, and this is also gonna help keep some of that dust down."


ReptiChip's Microchip proves to be an essential part of creating a unique and peaceful tarantula enclosure. Max's quality and creativity are highlighted in this project, reflecting the versatility and effectiveness of ReptiChip products.

If you're looking to add a touch of Zen to your tarantula's home or simply want a reliable product that meets your arachnid's needs, ReptiChip's Microchip is the way to go.