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Chamaeleo calyptratus

Veiled Chameleon

Scientific Name: Chamaeleo calyptratus

Best substrate for Veiled Chameleon Chamaeleo calyptratus ReptiChip

What Makes ReptiChip The Best Veiled Chameleon Bedding


Veiled Chameleons, scientifically known as Chamaeleo calyptratus, are a visually striking species native to the Arabian Peninsula, particularly Yemen and Saudi Arabia. They are renowned for their vibrant colors and the large casque, or helmet-like structure, atop their heads, which grows larger as they age. The casque serves a practical purpose, helping to channel dew and rainwater to the chameleon's mouth, an adaptation to arid environments. Veiled Chameleons can dramatically change their color and pattern through specialized cells beneath their skin called chromatophores, iridophores, and melanophores. This ability is used not only for camouflage but also to communicate with other chameleons and express physiological states like stress or breeding readiness.

Veiled Chameleons are arboreal, spending most of their time in trees and bushes. They have highly specialized feet, adapted for grasping branches; their feet are zygodactylous, meaning they have two toes pointing forward and three backward. This adaptation provides a strong grip, ideal for their lifestyle in fluctuating foliage. Their eyes can move independently of each other, allowing them to look in two different directions at once, providing a near 360-degree field of vision. This unique trait makes them formidable predators, spotting insects and other small prey from a distance. They catch their prey with remarkable accuracy using their long, sticky tongues, which they can project at high speed and over a body length away. Despite their fierce hunting capabilities, Veiled Chameleons are solitary and highly territorial animals, often showing bright colors to warn rivals or attract mates during the breeding season.

Why ReptiChip?


ReptiChip is made by veiled chameleon lovers, for veiled chameleon lovers. It’s what the pros use, and it’s what you can use, too.

Our product line includes BabiChip, RediChip, ReptiChunk, MicroChip, and more, so you can be sure to find the perfect veiled chameleon bedding for your pet.

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Not Convinced?

Common Veiled Chameleon Reptichip Questions

ReptiChip provides an ideal environment for your veiled chameleon by balancing cleanliness, comfort, and humidity. It's excellent for moisture retention, which is crucial for the well-being of many reptiles and amphibians. The substrate is also low in sodium and potassium, reducing the risk of mineral buildup that could harm your veiled chameleon.

Absolutely! While ReptiChip offers premium quality, it's priced affordably to be consumer-friendly. The substrate's durability and ease of maintenance also mean that you'll need to replace it less frequently, making it a cost-effective long-term choice for your veiled chameleon.

ReptiChip is known for its low tannin content, which means it won't stain your enclosure or your veiled chameleon. It's also excellent at odor absorption, keeping your living space fresh. This makes it one of the easiest substrates to maintain, allowing you more quality time with your veiled chameleon.