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Agalychnis callidryas

Red-eyed Tree Frog

Scientific Name: Agalychnis callidryas

Best substrate for a Red-eyed tree frog Agalychnis callidryas ReptiChip

What Makes ReptiChip The Best Red-eyed Tree Frog Bedding


Red-Eyed Tree Frogs, scientifically known as Agalychnis callidryas, are iconic amphibians native to the rainforests of Central and South America. They are easily recognizable by their bright green bodies, striking red eyes, and blue and yellow striped sides. This vivid coloration serves as a form of startle coloration to dissuade predators. When threatened, these frogs open their eyes and display their bright colors to startle and confuse predators, giving them a chance to escape. Their large, sticky toe pads enable them to climb and cling to the leaves and branches of their arboreal habitat with ease, allowing them to move effortlessly through the forest canopy.

Another fascinating aspect of Red-Eyed Tree Frogs is their unique reproductive behavior. During the breeding season, males call out to attract females with a series of loud croaks and chucks. Once a female selects a mate, she lays her eggs on the underside of leaves that overhang water. This strategic placement ensures that when the eggs hatch, the tadpoles drop into the water below, where they continue their development. The eggs are highly sensitive to vibrations, and if they detect the approach of a predator, the tadpoles can hatch early and drop into the water as a means of escape. This remarkable adaptation increases their chances of survival in the wild. Red-Eyed Tree Frogs are not only a favorite among herpetologists and amphibian enthusiasts due to their striking appearance and interesting behaviors but also serve as important indicators of environmental health in their native habitats.

Why ReptiChip?


ReptiChip is made by red-eyed tree frog lovers, for red-eyed tree frog lovers. It’s what the pros use, and it’s what you can use, too.

Our product line includes BabiChip, RediChip, ReptiChunk, MicroChip, and more, so you can be sure to find the perfect red-eyed tree frog bedding for your pet.

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Common Red-eyed Tree Frog Reptichip Questions

ReptiChip provides an ideal environment for your red-eyed tree frog by balancing cleanliness, comfort, and humidity. It's excellent for moisture retention, which is crucial for the well-being of many reptiles and amphibians. The substrate is also low in sodium and potassium, reducing the risk of mineral buildup that could harm your red-eyed tree frog.

Absolutely! While ReptiChip offers premium quality, it's priced affordably to be consumer-friendly. The substrate's durability and ease of maintenance also mean that you'll need to replace it less frequently, making it a cost-effective long-term choice for your red-eyed tree frog.

ReptiChip is known for its low tannin content, which means it won't stain your enclosure or your red-eyed tree frog. It's also excellent at odor absorption, keeping your living space fresh. This makes it one of the easiest substrates to maintain, allowing you more quality time with your red-eyed tree frog.